Web Marketing Tips

Web marketing is a way to increase traffic to your website, clearly introduce your company and products and most importantly increase your sales and conversion rates. If you are just beginning your online marketing strategy look at the list below to help get you started on a easy to follow web marketing plan. Create a […]

Index, Category and Tags, is it a good thing?

Let me tell you, I don’t think it’s a good idea to index category, tags, and other archive pages on your website. First off, let’s talk about what these pages are. Category pages are pages that group together related posts based on a specific topic or theme. Tags, on the other hand, are keywords or […]

Internal Linking Tool

DigMyLink is a brand new Internal Linking Tool / Reporting Tool that I have designed in my spare time over the past year or so. I wrote it as a way to quickly over view any site to see ways to improve web site search engine rankings. DigMyLink analyzes how you link to your internal […]