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Who we are

We are a one man office dedicated to helping businesses all across the globe. Our office is located in Bend, Oregon. We have been in the web business for 25 years.

What we do

We build, host, and manage websites in all sorts of ways depending on what you need. We can take on any size project and also offer our consulting and teaching as needed.

Why we do it

We love to help individuals like yourself build your business online. The satisfaction of educating our clients how a websites go together is why we do what we do.

Is your web site ranking?

Rank By Design is a website dedicated to improving your search engine rankings and teaching you how to create web content easily.

We'll help you improve your site's rankings and increase your traffic using simple steps.

Creating high-quality websites with high-quality content are two critical factors to improving your site's rankings and conversion rates.

At Rank By Design, we focus on Google organic results using white hat methods (there are no sneaky tricks up our sleeves).

We're located in Bend-Oregon (Central Oregon) - we are a tiny office who have, for the last 15 years, used simple tools along with a few basic strategies to rank well in Google.

Web Marketing and Search Engines is our expertise. Please take a look at our current and ongoing projects.

For a limited time get a free15-minute website consultation. You can use the form below to set up a phone meeting.

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