Free WordPress Hosting w. SEO Service

Free web start up and live SEO support Are you looking for a great looking yet functional website, but your pocketbook just simply won’t allow it? Great news, for a limited time I am now offering an affordable SEO solution called the WordPress Pack, that will allow you to not only manage your website, but […]

About me

My name is Erik Zetterberg, the owner of Rankbydesign. My office is located in “Bend-Oregon”: (Central Oregon). My Bend SEO Business has been in operation since early 1992. I primarily focus on Google and Yahoo in order to _rank well_ and create good traffic without using Pay Per Click advertising.

WordPress CMS

WordPress provides a *great way* to create and manage an entire website’s. Although WordPress is typically used as a blogging tool, it can be easily customized to manage your pages, links, content and more. WordPress also has many plugins available as well and all are very easy to install. Many of them help improve your […]

Is your web site ranking?

Learn how to improve your search engine ranking Rank By Design is – a website that dedicated to _improving your search engine rankings_ and teaching you how create web content easily. Creating high quality content on a regular basis is *one of the keys to improving your sites rankings*.