Shopify Consultant

Why Shopify?

Create stunning websites and storefronts. Responsive design and displays beautifuly on desktops, smartphones & iPad’s. 

Easy to use

Really, we're just not saying that. Once finished with your setup, you'll be able to maintain your website even if you've never had a website or storefront before! Upload products, process orders --anytime and anywhere!

Modern Design

Shopify has a ton of up to date templates to get your project started in very little time. Ask us to take you though a sample project using a screenshare. Once you see it, you'll be blown away by it! 

Very customizable

Shopify is simple, fast & quite customizable as well. We'll help you choose the right theme and then help you customize it to fit to your requirements. We can even help you create the perfect content for your products or services.

All in one solution

With Shopify you won't have to worry about the technical details or even server maintenance. It's all handled for you. Even if you dont have a Merchant Account to accept creditcards, it's all very easy.

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